I first started coming to Soul Of Yoga in 2017.  When my mum told me she had signed me and her up to a yoga class, I thought "Oh no, not Yoga".  So I was dragged along on that first night. 

Oh but I sure got a surprise. From my first "Downward facing dog" I was drawn to Yoga. When you step into the room it surrounds you with a relaxed feeling. The aromatherapy, the dim mood lighting and just the sense of a place where you can de-stress from the day. Christine's slow relaxed tone helps you to feel rested and confident in following her instructions.

I kept on coming for about 6 months until I was unable to go due to soccer training.

I've recently returned to Christine's Monday evening class.  It’s fantastic to be back. 

Michael Monahan -St Ives   

'I recently joined Yoga classes led by Christine at Soul of Yoga. As a middle aged male who attends gym and cycles regularly, I was sceptical if Yoga could offer any additional benefit to my regime. After a short period, I was pleasantly surprised, it offers a good workout - challenging but enjoyable. I really feel my flexibility improving and it helps stretch the muscles that are tense and sore from other workouts. Christine has a real talent for motivating and inspiring people and offers a good variety of workouts at each lesson.'  

Jim H 

A testimonial for your class. I met Christine at 2 or 3 of her fill-in Pilates classes at Flex Body in Northbridge and discovered a soul mate in dedication to reaching one’s full potential in exercise, benefiting mind body and spirit. I agreed to try one of Christine’s Yoga classes on January 5 at Soul of Yoga, St Ives, and it was truly awesome. Challenging yet calming. I like a class where my limits are stretched and this was one. We must always move beyond our comfort zones to strive towards perfection. Christine has great attention to detail and gives guidance and explanation. A natural teacher and an awesome Yogi!  

Dermot-Middle Cove

Yoga poses strech my muscles and increase my flexibility!  I'm enjoying doing yoga with you. ☺

by Sonia Lee

I met Christine in one of the Barre class in Sydney CBD and very quickly we became Barre Buddy.  She had yoga background and I always want to know about Yoga.  We talked about fitness in our daily chats and when we meet up we chat even more!  I decided to give Yoga a try and after first class of yoga, I am hooked.  I have to say after chatting with the expert you will understand and recognise what yoga does to your body!  Now, I have daily morning yoga and I also introduced Christine to Corporate Yoga and our staff enjoy her teaching and definitely the head massage Savasana! 

Lilian - Boral 

It took me a while to get there but once I started I realised how wonderful it felt to do yoga again. Christine's yoga classes are challenging, yet relaxing and therapeutic and have made me feel alive and healthy again. There's no stopping me now!

Natasha Moldrich-St Ives

After years of trying to find the right class for me, I have eventually found it!Christine's yoga sessions are enjoyable, well explained and challenging. She is very caring and attentive to her students' needs.I would highly recommend Christine's yoga lessons! 

Estelle Demontrond-Box-St Ives

Monday night yoga is a great way to start the week. The peacefulness and relaxed environment you create is very therapeutic and something to look forward to each week. Your calmness and warmth is infectious and really worth the 15 km trip to St Ives each week.