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My Story

 The past 12 years has been a period of transformation for me and one of the most influential changes for me was introducing daily yoga into my life. In short, it has helped me in so many ways both physically and mentally. It’s been a transformation of improved health and can I tell you I really needed it.  In 2005, prior to the birth of my first child, I weighed 79 kgs and was size 16. I was 31 years old. I was self conscious despite times in my life when I’ve felt confident and had high self-esteem.  In 2005, I had a rather sub standard lifestyle. I was working in a corporate position with little physical activity, sitting mostly for the day. i had low levels of job satisfaction, low self- esteem, low care factor for life’s pleasures and poor eating habits. This lifestyle was far from great! Due to my low self-esteem I would often withdraw from social occasions and after the birth I suffered from post-natal depression. It had been a horrible year. I suffered from continual back pain, regular headaches and as a result was sleeping poorly. Clearly this was not a good way to live and I knew I needed to change my life and aim for a better quality of living. Fortunately a friend of mine introduced me yoga. I was reserved at first however I thought “I’ll give it a go” and it wasn’t long before I fell in love with yoga. It brought a peacefulness to my life. I felt like I could put things into perspective, make better decisions, and feel physically strong, co-ordinated, flexible and healthy. It contributed to improving my self-confidence and I wanted to be social. I changed my lifestyle and made a commitment to yoga and to eat well. The combination of yoga and a good diet resulted in me losing 24kgs and many people wondering if I was the same person! I felt attractive again!  My spirits are higher, I have a zest of life, I laugh more often, I have better relationships and feel in control of my busy life.  Introducing yoga has been a life changing event for me. The continued practice has contributed to an increased quality of life, inner peace and massively improved well-being. See my before and after photos for comparisons. It is  hard to believe I can be 11 years older and have more energy now and a greater love for life than when I was 30. I hope your love for yoga will be as great as mine. With love and gratitude. 

Namaste Christine x